Gallery pictures.


N.B. 1" = 25 mm

All my pieces are signed, dated and a small drawing of a tree on the bottom of the item is part of my signature. The pieces shown in the gallery are all unique, however, similar items can be made upon request.


A pair of 13" diameter Monkey Puzzle Bowls
Pair of 9" diameter Monkey Puzzle Lamps

Bog Beech Nest of Bowls 18" dia x 8" high using the McNaughton coring system    Natural Edge Mulberry Bowl  11" high
Large Monkey Puzzle Lamp Burr Oak Bowl 17" dia
Bog Elm 12" dia x 5" high Monkey Puzzle 11" dia x 5" high Burr Sycamore 11" dia x 6 " high
Monkey Puzzle Bowl 11" diameter

Revolving Cheese Board

English Oak & Burr Oak

Monkey Puzzle Bowl 14" diameter

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